Episode ##008 : Jeremy Johnson - Preparation In Anything & Everything

Jeremy Johnson (@jeremyjmma) As the voice of Shamrock Fighting Championships, Jeremy Johnson is seen weekly on their television show, as well as monthly handling the broadcast call for pay per view. Jeremy has been around the MMA world since the early 2000’s and has hosted the nationally syndicated radio show and podcast “That MMA Show” Jeremy is also an entrepreneur owning a successful business in the IT field.

Top Takeaways

  • “The McGregor Factor”- From personal brand to superstar- Grab a sharp suit, get a great haircut, and talk well.
  • “Treat everyone the same from the janitor to the CEO.”
  • Life Motto- “You are born at point A, you are going to die at point B… kick maximum ass in between”
  • Preparation in anything & everything!
  • Check out: ShamrockFC, ThatMMAShow, & ThinkIT
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