Episode #001: Jimmy Sewell – Branding. Design. Promotion.

Jimmy Sewell (@jimmygrinds) is the founder of mascot agency, a marketing and design agency that helps businesses, brands, and individuals tell their story. As the brainchild behind the L10 Mastery branding and website design, Jimmy takes pride in helping others.

Top 5 Take Aways

  • Get Excited About the Small Wins- “How can I have an impact today?” “Be a nice person.” Along the way we are going to get derailed, but by focusing on the areas where we have control, we can get closer to the finish line.
  • Fully Charged Living- Are you charging yourself everyday? Based on the food you eat, the people you see, and the impact you have on others, life is like your cell phone battery. Starting each day fully charged and focused will be the difference in having a great day or a terrible day.
  • Good Energy- Comes from purpose, passion, and persistency.
  • I Get to Do This- Switching your mindset and mentality from, “I have to” VS. “I get to”
  • What is your Mark?- Spend the money up front. Focus on the message. From logo, domain name, and social media outlets, is everything congruent?