Episode #003: Pascal Beauboeuf – Hustle and Grind.

Pascal Beauboeuf (@beautifulbeef) is the TV Host of The Pascal Show, vlogger, writer, and director. Check out his YouTube channel The Pascal Show. On this week’s episode we talk about the passion he puts in producing high level content, his 3 C’s, and his journey to television personality.

Top Take Aways

  • The rat race of New York has helped shape his hustle and grind.
  • Always put out content at the same time no matter what. NBC and FOX do it, why not you? Feed the machine.
  • Coffee, Content, Consistency.
  • Having faith in self vs. having a belief in something bigger. Both are different but both are just as important.
  • Leadership- How can you get 5 people around you all chasing the same vision?
  • Pascalshow.com & Facebook.com/pascalshow

Enjoy Ben & Gunner’s interview with the passionate and fired up Pascal!

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