Episode #000: Introducing Level 10 Mastery

On the first ever episode of the L10 Mastery Podcast, Ben Lawler (@tomjames.stl) and Gunner DeFlorian (@gunnerdeflorian) dive deep into the mission and focus behind L10 Mastery. Starting out and focused in St. Louis, MO the journey to the top has never been more exciting. When asked what L10 Mastery is, they would describe the podcast as powerful program that meets at the apex of business strategy and personal motivation.

Top 5 Take Aways

  • Success?- It is never about reaching a place and settling. It is about getting better every single day and focusing time, energy, and resources in getting better.
  • There are Levels to This – You may be extremely wealthy but are you giving back to the people and places that have giving you a chance? Your health is off the charts, but are you struggling to pay the bills?
  • We are all Business Owners- If we take the mentality that we are all running our own business, we will probably work harder and not let it go under. Market yourself, look the part, and go over any obstacle standing in your way.
  • Begin with Gratitude – By starting each day with gratitude we are in a positive frame of mind. We could always be worse off. Take a second and tell someone how much they mean to you.
  • Leaders, Where are you?- Everything rises and falls on leadership.